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Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's All In Your Head!

It's All in Your Head

Have you ever been so distraught over a matter perhaps you've been feeling down and
out for a period of time or maybe you are feeling lonely or you have a nagging pain that
just won't go away?
So you express your concerns to a doctor, close friend, or even your spouse and they
appear to listen and then they tell you:

'Don't worry about it. It's all in your head.'     
How did that make you feel?
The answer is obvious...

Is it Really All in Your Head?

Recently I listened to some training from an awesome lady, Diane Hochman. I'm sure many 
of you know who she is. Anyway, according to her it is all in your head!

She made this awesome point.
Why when given the same tools and training that one person will make tons of money
while another person will make no money at all?
It's not the tools and training. In most cases it boils down to mindset.
She then shared a question that has changed her career and entire thought process.
One that she asks hers self daily.

"Who do I need to be in order to........?
Maybe you want to generate 5 leads a day.
Then ask yourself "Who do I need to be in order to generate 5 leads per day."

Most people ask 'WHAT do  I need to do.' But by doing so the focus shifts back
to the tools and training. Remember there's nothing wrong with the tools and training.

If you ask your brain a question it has no choice but to give you the answer.
It may not be immediate but eventually you will get one.
In this case by asking "Who do I need to be in order to........? your brain will
subconsciously position you with the right people, the right training and tools
giving you the confidence to get what you desire.

It's Up to YOU!

This tactic is so simple, so basic but at the same time, so EASY to throw away...
Make use of this easy and free strategy everyday; even several times a day.
Yes use it to tap into the power of your mind and change your thinking process;
your entire career!

Nathaniel Wright                                                                         


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